Launching Content to Support a Young Product Line

We produced how-to videos to launch new products.

The Big Idea

Krylon® is a manufacturer of spray paints for a range of different uses, from casual crafting to professional-grade jobs. Krylon’s automotive line is one of its youngest, so in order to develop the first wave of content to support the launch of those products, Krylon tasked us with creating a series of how-to videos featuring the auto paints.

The Execution

To produce the series of five videos, each featuring different paint products from the line, we built a custom garage set in our in-house maker studio. Using Krylon’s product management team as our talent, we scripted, directed, and fully edited the videos, complete with moving graphics onscreen — all in approximately 1 week. In addition to the how-to videos, we also developed the photography assets to represent this line in catalogs and on the web.