We helped Krylon Industrial launch a new product platform with a creative video solution to overcome multiple constraints.


In 2010, Krylon’s industrial division approached us with the need for a product introduction video for its new paint offering — but the project came with some limitations we had to work around. The two key features of Krylon’s new Atrium line of paints and coatings was that they were zero VOC, meaning that you could enter a space shortly after painting without the worry of inhaling harmful fumes, and that they incorporated odor-absorbing technology, which made them perfect for environments where odors might be prevalent (e.g. a high school locker room, or an apartment where previous tenants were heavy smokers). The budget for this project was extremely limited, so the challenge became figuring out a way to introduce these features without building a set or shooting on location.


Given the budget constraints for this project, there was no way we could scout and shoot video in each of the potential environments where Atrium’s features could be highlighted. So we had to get “creative”. With stop action, we could utilize stock photography to set each scene and then demonstrate the product features with objects we could shoot in our Content Studio utilizing our green screen. Add in an obnoxiously catchy tune that had us whistling for a couple of weeks, and we delivered a creative and engaging solution for our client — even with all the limitations and constraints we had to overcome.

Watch the Video

Watch the Video