We helped Krylon introduce their new “automotive” product offering by developing a series of “how-to” videos that communicated the benefits of the new line.


The Krylon® brand has become synonymous with spray paints for a range of different uses — from casual crafting to professional-grade jobs. Krylon’s “automotive” offering is one of its most recent additions to the line. When the brand was set to launch this new line of spray paints, they turned to ATA to develop the first pieces content to support the launch.

Because the target audience had never seen these products before — or even knew that the Krylon brand offered products for automotive applications — this first wave of content needed to focus on demonstrating the applications and features of these new products. This initial engagement lead to the development of a series of five (5) videos — each featuring different paint products from the line. To produce the videos, we built a custom garage set in our Content Studio where all the videos could be shot in a consistently branded location that could establish the brand within the automotive space. Using Krylon’s product management team as our on-screen talent, we scripted, directed, and fully edited the videos, complete with moving graphics onscreen — all in approximately 1 week. In addition to the how-to videos, we also developed the photography and short-form video assets to represent this line in catalogs, social media, and their website.

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