We helped a brand introduce a customized form of e-commerce that not only increased sales, but also strengthened distribution partnerships.


Tri-Flow Lubricants is a manufacturer of lubricants serving both the industrial and bicycle market segments. Within the bicycle segment, Tri-Flow had developed a passionate following among street and off-road bike enthusiasts but had very limited retail distribution. With the relatively “nichy” nature of this particular consumer base and Tri-Flow’s relatively high price point, it was very difficult to get national retail placement. So the challenge became giving this portion of Tri-Flow’s target consumer base access to its products by selling direct through its website without upsetting existing distribution.


ATA created the Tri-Flow “Gets it Movin’” integrated program to connect the brand’s promise to the target enthusiast audience. A critical component of the program was the development of a new website which included the concept of distributor-driven e-commerce through our partnership with Shopatron. This e-commerce model would drive orders generated through the brand’s website to existing distribution partners, giving them the opportunity to fulfill the orders anywhere in the country based on proximity to the consumer. It also gave Tri-Flow the opportunity to fulfill the order if no retailer claimed it. The concept and methodology was a win-win: Tri-Flow helped its existing retail partners increase their sales by driving new business their way, and Tri-Flow still able to satisfy end user demand in geographies where it did not have a retail presence.


The Tri-Flow Gets it Movin’ campaign, complete with video, digital, web and social components, has kept the brand relevant among its target audience of bike enthusiasts. Additionally, the move to distributor-driven e-commerce has helped the brand not only consistently gain sales but also gain new distribution partners that have seen the benefits of partnering with a brand that is willing to drive e-commerce opportunities their way.

In addition to the Gets It Movin’ Campaign, ATA also developed a series of videos to help Tri-Flow set itself apart from the competition.