We developed new packaging for Pratt & Lambert to modernize their brand without losing the essence and heritage earned over 160 years.


Pratt & Lambert is one of the most respected household paint brands in the United States. The brand is also 160 years old. When the brand wanted a “refresh”, the challenge became modernizing the look without losing the heritage and essence it had earned over the years.

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The initial phase of this refresh began with the most visible part of the brand, the most important touchpoint for the consumer – the product label. The hierarchical sub-brands were each given an identity and, most importantly, a personality to appeal to their respective target audiences. Through our in-house CGI studio, we brought new label designs to life and worked with the brand to test them through the various identified audiences. Once a design series was chosen, we developed a new collateral package for the sales team to reintroduce the family of products to their customers. The new product labeling has been at the forefront of the Pratt & Lambert‘s marketing efforts through their website, commercials, social media, and beyond.

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