We refreshed the Dentronix brand to more closely fit their company’s position as the industry leader in their market segment.


Dentronix — a brand of high quality orthodontic tools, cleaning solutions, and accessories — tasked us with refreshing their branding so that it more closely fit their company’s position at the top of their market. Because an orthodontist’s job is all about straightening and fixing imperfections with exact precision, we hoped to attract this target audience to Dentronix by physically representing this professional trait. In the ideation and design phase of the branding project, we planned to catch the audience’s attention with stark, straight lines and 90-degree angles, utilizing clean graphics where everything has its place. The visual style was created to complement the main messaging of the branding which encompasses everything Dentronix does best: “Expertly Handcrafted Perfection.”

To carry out the new branding, ATA created a new Dentronix logo, tagline, video, trade show booth, print ads, promotional digital ads, email promotion, and catalog, which all kept to the precision theme by opting for clean, open layouts and sharp lines and angles.

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