We inspired a target audience of modern moms with simple and explanatory video tutorials that showed just how fun and easy Jo-Ann’s new line of craft kits for kids could be.


Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores had nearly everything for a successful launch of Jennifer Garner’s new kid’s craft kits: colorful packaging, cohesive branding, and a big-name celebrity endorsement. What it still needed was to convince moms that these new kits were simple, fun, and ultimately entertaining for their kids.


We came up with a series of inspirational “how-to” videos which were short and fun, yet explanatory. We wanted to show moms just how fun these little kits could be! The videos were developed using a combination of stop motion, cross-dissolves, and helpful on-screen text to keep them as simple as possible but still engaging. At the end of each video, we brought the craft to life with a child interacting with the newly created craft.


We built a custom set in our content studio and brought in the lead crafter who designed the components of each kit. Utilizing a two-camera setup for the how-to portions of the videos and green-screen on our cyc wall for the kids’ interactions with the crafts, we were able to shoot twelve (12) quick craft tutorials in just two days. In the end, we were able to achieve the simplicity, fun, and playfulness that we knew would entice parents to buy the kits and the children to enjoy them.

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