We helped Matco Tools introduce their new Pitbull Air Ratchet and proved that “bullet points” aren’t always the best way to communicate features & benefits — with a little creativity sometimes you don’t have to say anything at all.


When a company prepares to launch a new product, it’s tempting for the team to focus on a list of features that are essential to promote. But that list of “bullet points” isn’t always enough (or the best way) to communicate the benefits of a product. For the introduction of the Pitbull Air Ratchet by Matco Tools — a leading brand of automotive professional tools — our challenge was to SHOW audiences that the tool outperformed the competition in terms of torque, not just TELL them it did.

Our solution was simple in concept: we’d show the tool in action, lifting a toolbox off the ground — but we would do so without saying a word. While this was an intimidating proposal for Matco, we believed that we could make the most impactful statement by allowing the ability of the product to speak for itself.

We fleshed out the video concept and set up the rigging for the experiment in-house, and we tested the Pitbull against a competitor’s ratchet. The comparison made the benefits of the Pitbull incredibly clear: while the competitor didn’t have the power to lift the toolbox, the Pitbull completed the test with no problem. We shot and edited the video with minimal graphics on screen, resulting in a real and raw visual statement on the product.

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