We helped TransTec re-establish their trustworthiness and leadership position among professional rebuilders with new branding and an integrated inbound marketing program.


Much like most consumers, professional transmission and power steering rebuilders need to know why to trust one brand over another. Working with a brand they KNOW works for them is can be the difference between fixing a customer’s transmission or power steering assembly right the first time or having to re-do the job later. Comebacks cost rebuilders money.

When we began working with TransTec — the world leader in sealing solutions for automotive transmissions, power steering, and heavy duty applications — their brand was in desperate need of a refresh. They were the undisputed leader in the industry, but they weren’t presenting themselves accordingly. We needed to help them re-establish their trustworthiness and leadership position in how they presented themselves to the market.


We began by changing the look and the messaging of the brand around the “Rebuild it Right” tag line. It became the rallying cry for the brand to the professional rebuilder — helping them understand that if they wanted to “rebuild it right” (and avoid costly comebacks), they had to use Transtec components and parts. We helped the brand identify six (6) unique points of differentiation from the competition and used them as the foundation for rebuilding their website. We then leveraged those points in an integrated inbound marketing program complete with new video content, social media, trade print advertising, and trade shows to increase awareness and drive sales. The results thus far have been outstanding — the brand has maintained their global market share in the transmission segment and re-established their partnership with the leading distribution partners in the market and increased their market share in power steering and EPS.

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