We created an engaging promotion based around a rebate program supported by a digital ad campaign that ran in key metro areas to engage the target audience and drive in-store sales.


Reese — a leading towing accessory brand — has had national placement at all the major hardware stores throughout the U.S. (including Home Depot) for years. In the summer of 2017, the brand was being challenged by a competitor who had achieved placement for a new product in Home Depots in six (6) specific metro areas throughout the U.S. The challenge was to help Reese defend their “territory” within Home Depot and effectively ruin the launch of the competitor’s new product.


The idea was to create a promotional program designed to increase in store activity specifically in the six (6) metro areas where the competitor’s products were set to launch. The promotion was centered around a sweepstakes for $1,000 in Reese Products and a rebate. We based the creative theme of the promotion around the concept of “Go Anywhere. Take Anything.” appealing to the target audience of people who love the outdoors and need to tow things to get to their destinations.


To execute the promotion, we produced digital ads that featured Reese products along with the sweepstakes and rebate program and managed the campaign through Google AdWords and Facebook geo-targeting the specific metro areas. The ads, including graphics and video, directed web traffic to a central landing page that we built, which provided the opportunity to learn more about the products, the sweepstakes, and the rebate. We administered the program in turnkey fashion, resulting in 12% increase in year-over-year in the targeted metros.