We helped Tri-Flow gain traction with bicycle enthusiasts with a series of engaging videos demonstrating how Tri-Flow lubricants could withstand “torture” better than the leading competitors in the segment.


Tri-Flow — a leading brand of industrial food-grade lubricants — had identified the bicycle segment as a key growth opportunity. Tri-Flow had developed a line of products that were uniquely suited for bike enthusiasts with features that outperformed the competition. The brand was looking for help in penetrating the segment by demonstrating that Tri-Flow’s products could outlast the competition.

We developed a video series that put Tri-Flow’s products (and their competitors’) to the test – the Torture Tests, to be exact. The “Torture Test” concept would demonstrate the rigorous lab testing that these lubricants go through before launch but in a visually entertaining, compelling way. We filmed each test with an eye towards demonstrating the superiority of the Tri-Flow products. For example, the wicking test would demonstrate how the lubricant would climb the threads of a bolt. In order to accent this feature, we dyed the otherwise clear lubricant to a red color so it could be more easily seen in the video. Little details like this and the use of unique and informational on-screen graphics helped deliver a series of videos that the brand utilized to gain traction with bike shops and enthusiasts throughout the country.

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