We developed photo-real CGI visualizations of Andersen’s windows and doors to demonstrate the thousands of options available in their portfolio in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Andersen is one of the leading brands of windows & doors and their product lines come with an impressive amount of options: style, finish, and all the way down to the look of the hardware. Helping their customers visualize these options is a critical component of their marketing and sales process — but it’s also a challenge because of the sheer volume of options. Photographing every single combination of options available is not only time-consuming, but also very expensive. Our challenge was to provide visualizations of any style combination possible — in a timely manner and without breaking the bank.


To fulfill Andersen‘s visual asset needs, we turned to our in-house CGI capabilities to not only show every combination, but to also develop the framework to show them from any angle. Since our CGI talent can provide photo-real images, the choice to use CGI instead of photography was a no-brainer. We completed the CGI for Andersen‘s products in a series of steps, building on each one to create a digital image that looked just as real as a photograph. We also built in a CGI environment that allowed for animation and multiple views of each asset. By building the images in 3D, we were able to save Andersen (and ourselves) a significant amount of time and resources while providing beautiful, photo-realistic images that Andersen would leverage on their websites and catalogs.