We rebuilt a 1969 International Scout in our Content Studio and chronicled the process over 13 content episodes to demonstrate Dupli-Color’s full product offering. The entire program culminated with a live reveal of the restored vehicle at SEMA.


Our engagement with the Dupli-Color — a leading brand of DIY automotive paints — is going on its 20th year. Over the years, we’ve helped them with a number of different initiatives from product launches, packaging redesign, SEMA/AAPEX booths, promotions, and much more. When we began working with Dupli-Color in 1999, one of our first projects was a complete brand refresh. It was then that the “Yes You Can” messaging began, which was later followed by its extension “Yes You Can – In Your Garage”. This messaging really empowered the Do-It-Yourselfers who were actually using Dupli-Color’s products and established a deep connection with the brand.

Since that time, the challenge that we’ve met head on was to continue to develop engaging content that allowed the brand to deepen their connection with these DIYers by not only demonstrating what DIYers could do with Dupli-Color products but also encouraging and empowering them to use Dupli-Color products to do what they love.


One of the things we knew from the start was that automotive DIYers are hungry for how-to content that helps them complete projects efficiently and successfully. So we conceptualized creating a new content series every year that followed the complete restoration of a single vehicle to demonstrate the difference that Dupli-Color products could make. Each series could be released episodically, building anticipation for the next step. For our third video series (our first was a 1979 El Camino), we followed the restoration of a 1969 International Scout that had been a gift to a returning Iraqi war veteran from her grandfather.


We had built a custom set in our Content Studio for Dupli-Color back in 2011 knowing that we would be continuously developing content for the brand. We rolled the Scout into the Dupli-Color Garage and, armed with every available product in the line, restored the truck to its former glory. We chronicled the restoration process over thirteen (13) video episodes, culminating in a live reveal at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas inside the Dupli-Color Garage Trade show booth. We earned incredible engagement on social media by allowing DIYers to vote on the style and parts we used on the truck — and even included a promotional element where five (5) DIYers got to go to SEMA as our guests to help Nicole Johnson, Monster Jam Driver, pull the tarp for the reveal. The content was a huge hit and helped the brand continue to establish and cement their connection with their target audience.

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