We helped VHT consistently connect with their target audience of automotive DIYers by creating engaging content from the rebuild of a 1972 Plymouth Satellite — all in our Content Studio.


VHT is a brand of DIY automotive paints and coatings that are specialized for high heat applications. Similar to our relationship with Dupli-Color — their sister brand — over the years we’ve helped VHT with a number of different initiatives from product launches, packaging redesign, promotions, and much more.

VHT has never enjoyed Dupli-Color’s budget — as such, it was never able to make the relative “splash” that Dupli-Color made with their target audience. So when the brand needed a cost-effective way to help them engage with automotive DIYers by not only demonstrating what they could do with VHT products but also encouraging and empowering them to use VHT products to do what they love, they turned to ATA.


Similar to our experience with Dupli-Color, one of the things we knew was that automotive DIYers are hungry for “how-to” content that helps them complete projects efficiently and successfully. So we conceptualized a content series that followed the complete restoration of a single vehicle to show the various applications of VHT products and demonstrate how the brand could help transform an old, beat-up classic into something beautiful. In this series, we would restore 1972 Plymouth Satellite and we would do it all in our Content Studio.


We developed a custom set for VHT in our Content Studio styled to look like a DIYer’s garage – but with a decidedly “VHT look” (flames on the walls and everything). We rolled the Satellite into the VHT Garage and restored the it to its former glory utilizing every possible VHT product (and some from Dupli-Color as well). The videos were produced to match specific sections of the vehicles with the appropriate products while still having a logical approach to the restoration. With all the videos completed, we helped VHT distribute and promote the series through social media and their website to reach and engage their audience like never before.

Check out the entire series below

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