We leveraged package design, point-of-sale merchandising, web development, video, and even a :15s commercial spot to help Sherwin-Williams launch a new product into Pep Boys.


Automotive retailers are always looking for a competitive edge. Sherwin-Williams had a product that could provide this edge – the Barrett-Jackson Restoration System – but little experience in launching their “professional” products through the automotive retail channel. They turned to us and our experience to launch the program.


The Barrett-Jackson Restoration System provided all of the necessary products to refinish a vehicle’s paint job – abrasives, primer/paint/clear coat and polishing compounds. We developed the campaign based on the concept that most automotive DIY enthusiasts aspire to have a “show quality” vehicle once their restoration project is complete. So we developed the “Prep It. Paint It. Show It.” campaign to promote the product line.


The fully integrated campaign began with package design and POS displays and concluded with broadcast, digital, print and social tools to target the automotive enthusiast. In our maker studio, we shot a :15s spot utilizing green screen video techniques. We de-constructed the car’s finish and the painting process, and merged the car and the DIYer together in the final edit. The integrated program allowed Sherwin-Williams to gain coveted placement at Pep Boys.

Watch the Case Study

Watch the Case Study