Introducing New Applications Using Video Tutorials

We promoted new applications for Krylon’s existing products by distributing video tutorials we created on a custom set in-house through multiple content channels in order to break into the craft category.

The Big Idea

Spray paint manufacturer Krylon sought to promote various new applications to their existing paint products in the craft category. In order to demonstrate these new applications, we created a series of simple, high-quality videos for the dual purpose of promotion through Krylon’s own content channels as well as through Michael’s craft stores content distribution.

The Execution

To produce the videos, we built a custom set in our in-house Content Studio, filmed and directed Krylon’s representative crafter, scripted voice-over audio according to the crafter’s instructions, and edited the footage into one minute segments and added moving graphics onscreen. The videos content presented a clear how-to guide for the crafting paints using example projects and applications in a way that also inspired crafters to imagine their own creative projects — and the entire project only took 4 days to complete.