Video for New Product Introduction

We produced a quality video under multiple restraints.


Krylon approached us with the need for a product introduction video for its new Atrium paint, but the project came with some limitations we had to work around. The Atrium paints were zero VOC, meaning that you could enter a space shortly after painting without the worry of inhaling harmful fumes. Additionally, the paint incorporated odor-absorbing technology. Because Krylon’s budget was tight, we had to figure out a way to introduce these features of the paint without building a set or shooting on location.


In order to work around the budget limitations we’d been given, we came up with the creative concept to portray the features of Atrium using CG animation. We could build the necessary environment and visual assets digitally in-house instead of spending our resources scouting and shooting at a real location.


As the introduction to Krylon’s commercial division, we created the video for digital-only distribution using CG animation. The video used visual cues to highlight the features of the new product. We also created the label for the new product with our in-house design capabilities.