Differentiation with a Video Series

We used our video capabilities to help Tri-Flow stand out from the competition.


Lubricant manufacturer Tri-Flow is well-established in the industrial food-grade segment, but not so much in the bicycle lubricant segment. With a large percentage of Tri-Flow’s marketing spend dedicated to promoting its lesser-known segment, our challenge was to prove that Tri-Flow’s products could outlast the competition.


We made the choice to promote Tri-Flow’s bicycle products with a video series that put them to the test – the Torture Tests, to be exact. Each of these lubricants goes through rigorous lab testing, and we designed a video series that could show off the true superiority of these products in a visually entertaining, competitive way.


To show that Tri-Flow was producing the best products on the market, we filmed the lubricants far surpassing the competitors in the actual lab tests Tri-Flow uses. The videos included on-screen graphics to explain the test, consistent with Tri-Flow’s brand style.