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Originally the home of a local Akron beer distributorship founded in 1948, our 15,000 square foot space serves as both Our Work Space where ideas are conceived and Our Content Studio where we bring them to life. In today's content-reliant marketing ecosystem, our integrated space where we can produce and activate video, photography, CGI within hours is not only rare and unique to ATA, but also gives our clients a unique competitive advantage.

Our Content Studio

Our Content Studio is 10,000 sq. ft. of raw space where we build, make, create, and film... where our ideas come to life. The space allows us to design and build multiple sets for various projects that can remain standing for episodic content. The layout is such that we can shoot the largest vehicles and equipment (we've shot a semi truck in here) and also the smallest tools and other products. Our 60' x 100' Cyclorama Wall allows for everything from "green-screen" effects to seamless backgrounds for large scale video and photography. And with our in-house video, CGI and photography editing capabilities, we can produce and activate content within hours.

Our Work Space

Our Work Space is where strategy and inspiration come together to form the best solutions for your business. If our Content Studio is the place where content comes to life, then our Work Space is where ideas are born and where we put all the pieces together.

The open concept of our Work Space is designed with corners of collaboration between areas of productivity. Our conference room, which was built around the massive 20-person table made from the wooden floor of the old Akron Brewing Company, is perfect for brainstorming and team meetings. In the Work Space, other artifacts from the brewing company (like steel windows and the metal that made our tanker desks) as well as our "super desks" made of wooden door slabs give our Work Space an industrial feel softened by a wooden motif we put together by hand.

You don't have to go far to get to the Content Studio. In fact just step through our sliding warehouse doors and you're there. The key to our creative approach is that all our capabilities are housed in the same building. Concepts pass through the Work Space first and then content from the studio is edited and distributed from the same place. Whatever side of your space you're in, you can be sure our passion for building the best solutions for your marketing efforts is present in full-force.

Our Building

  • Industrial artifacts were sourced from buildings being torn down around the Downtown Akron area, mainly The Akron Brewing Company
  • The sliding warehouse doors, called railroad doors, opened the old beer distributorship to the railroad tracks that ran/run behind the building
  • The Content Studio was once the loading dock... perfect for bringing oversized products, cars, trucks, props, and even walls through the doors
  • All furniture in the building is upcycled, including our vintage steel desks and cabinets
  • The 20 person conference table is made out of 100 year old heart of pine that was originally the floor in the beer cooler
  • Our full kitchen includes two (2) beers on tap from our local breweries
  • Our lunch area and outdoor patio are separated only by a clear garage door — which makes summer cookouts easy to put together
  • The old walk-in cooler serves as the spot for storage and our network servers
15k Square Feet
2015 ATA Moved In
2 Beers on Tap
1948 Building Est.
4 Skylights

“Content is king (~ Bill Gates), but distribution is queen. And she wears the pants.”~ Jonathan Perelman, Buzzfeed

Give us a buzz and let's see how we can leverage Our Content Studio to take your content development needs to the next level and grow your business.
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