Creating a Co-op Program Tool to Sell More Tools

Creating a Co-op Program Tool to Sell More Tools

Developing a co-op program that benefits your suppliers, your sales efforts and your brand.


Increasing brand awareness and sales while budgets remain flat... that's a tough problem. But if you have a business model like Matco Tools, there's a solution. The Matco Tools product offering is comprised of approximately 50% outside buys.


An opportunity existed to generate increased marketing dollars through a co-op program targeting suppliers. ATA developed a turnkey tiered solution that allowed the supplier to pick and choose the programs in which they wanted to participate, based on dollar commitment. And because the method of co-op sign-up was web-based, suppliers were able to compete in real time for available tiers in the co-op program.


The elements of the turnkey quarterly program included digital, print and video. We created an 8-page magazine that promoted Matco products, MotorSports and timely industry articles. In addition, we developed Torque TV - which became the place where technicians could turn to learn more "how-to" about the products. The self-funded program contributed over $10,000,000 annually in incremental revenue and kept Matco Tools first to market with new products.


While our methods have changed over time, our approach has always been consistent - we deliver targeted and measurable integrated marketing programs that drive outpacing revenue growth. Now more than ever, the ability to drive measurable results is mission-critical for today’s marketing organizations. It not only facilitates post-program ROI analysis, but it also drives resource allocation (and re-allocation) decisions during programs to get the most from your marketing spend.

ATA will help you drive these measurable results. Our structured Accelerated Growth Process will help transform your marketing organization from a cost center to a revenue center by clearly demonstrating the revenue impact of your efforts. Our strategies and tactics are shaped by our staff experience which include a Fortune 100 Marketing Executive and experienced product management leaders who understand the challenges of today's marketing organizations and the strategies that can lead to outpacing growth. And our turnkey, full service creative and production capabilities provide the speed, agility and expertise to bring your marketing programs to life quickly and effectively.

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