Consulting: Commercial Process Engineering

What is CPE?

For years, many of the most successful organizations around the world have successfully implemented Six Sigma, Kaizen, 5S and other workplace methodologies to improve their manufacturing processes. The Danaher Corporation was among the first to take those process improvement principles and apply them to their commercial processes to create sustainable competitive advantage. Our team combines nearly 40 years of experience improving commercial processes within the Danaher Corporation and we can bring that experience to your organization with our Commercial Process Engineering program. Our program is tailored to provide solutions and processes that are unique to your business for competitive advantage... not a force-fit packaged solution.

The Commercial Processes

Developing (or finding) sustainable competitive advantage can be one of the biggest challenges for any organization. With our Commercial Process Engineering, we apply the same rigor and process improvement methodologies that are often applied to the cost side of the business to the commercial side - driving to the symbiotic continuum between Sales, Marketing and R&D that can bring about sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Sales Funnel Management
  • Territory Management
  • Sales Enablement Tools
  • Compensation
  • Voc Basics
  • New Product Funnel
  • Product Planning Group (PPG)
  • Annual Planning
  • Campaign Execution
  • Accelerated Growth Process
  • New Product Launch
  • Segmentation
  • Persona Development

Process Improvement Workshops

Depending on the needs of your organization, we can evaluate and engineer all of your commercial processes holistically or look at any individual process individually with a number of custom tailored workshops.

The CPE Process

Our process immerses your team to focus on the problem and guides them to bringing about the most powerful form of improvement — that which comes from within your organization.

The Keys to Success

Our proven process focuses on three keys:
Clear Problem Definition
Setting the boundaries so we know what we're trying to improve and, perhaps more importantly, what we're NOT working on.
Assembling the Right Workshop Team
Cross-functional engagement from those that "know" who are then empowered to change the process.
Measuring Stickiness of Change
Working together to develop a cohesive installation plan that ensures adoption of new processes across the organization.
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