Daniel Sferra


After playing soccer professionally for 2 years, Dani began a 13 year career at Matco Tools where he was promoted through the ranks from Customer Service through Promotions Manager, Product Manager and finally Marketing Manager. In that time, Dani also received his BS & MBA Degrees in Marketing from Kent State University. In October of 2008, Dani joined his good friends Thom & Tony in an effort to help take ATA to the next level. His product management and marketing experience at the corporate level have become an unique asset to ATA’s approach to marketing and advertising and he now leads ATA’s digital and web services platforms as well. Dani & his wife Jen welcomed their first child – a son named Kai Daniel – in October 2016 and, in his “spare” time, he loves to play the guitar and still finds time to kick the ball around a little.

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