Showing Options with CGI Renderings

We created CGI assets to represent thousands of options.


Andersen’s existing line of windows come with an impressive amount of options: style, finish, and all the way down to the look of the hardware. However, time and costs prohibit the ability to photograph every single combination of options available. Our challenge was to provide assets that could act as a preview of any style combination┬ápossible.


To fulfill Andersen’s visual asset needs, we turned to our in-house CGI capabilities to not only show every combination, but to also include the framework to show them from any angle. Since our CGI talent can provide photo-real images, the choice to use CGI instead of photography was a no-brainer.


We completed the CGI for Andersen’s products in a series of steps, building on each one to create a digital image that looked just as real as a photograph. We also built in a CGI environment that allowed for animation and multiple views of each asset. By building the images digitally, we were able to save Andersen (and ourselves) a significant amount of time and resources while providing impactful results with our high-quality visuals.