Product Line Repositioning Campaign

We reintroduced a line based on why consumers really buy.


A Matco toolbox is a easily recognizable among DIYers and mechanics alike. For anyone who uses their tools on a regular basis, the premium toolbox is a prized possession. When we were tasked with repositioning the popular line of toolboxes, our challenge was to figure out exactly why they’re regarded as such a symbol and leverage that reason.


We discovered that mechanics of all kinds are willing to pay for a premium toolbox because they regard it as a symbol of success. More specifically, owning the Matco toolbox created a psychological connection in the minds of mechanics to the old toolboxes their fathers and grandfathers owned back when they were first learning about vehicles and tools. Being able to buy their own premium toolbox was a symbol that signaled to their fathers that they’d “made it.” In light of those discoveries, we drew up the concepts for print collateral and a video that highlighted that psychology.


Every asset we created for this campaign was intended to match the quality and superiority the toolboxes represented. We took new photography of the toolboxes for print materials, handled the print buying and quality, and crafted personalized materials for the reintroduction. We also used our CGI capabilities to design new brochures for the toolboxes. Then we shot a video based on the theme of a young mechanic who grows up to own one of the boxes. All materials promoted the features and benefits of the box as well as the symbolism of the professional box, which resonated well with buyers.