Product Line Extension to Displace the Competition

Our program featuring video, promotion, web development, and a :30s spot helped Dupli-Color break into a new category at all aftermarket retailers and disrupted the competitive landscape.


Dupli-Color already had one successful product in the DIY truck bed coating segment at the entry price point level. At the premium end, only one major competitor existed. Dupli-Color saw an opportunity to take market share and created a new product – BED ARMORâ„¢ – loaded with end user benefits that far surpassed those of the competition. Now they needed to effectively launch it.


Trucks are tough – and their truck bed coating should be as well. We positioned the product as the “toughest do-it-yourself truck bed coating on the market”. We asked truck enthusiasts “What’s in Your Bed?” to find out how they used their truck beds and let them know that they now had a choice for protecting their truck bed – a better choice. It opened the door for end-users to compare the benefits of the two brands based on features and benefits of the products – and we already knew who would win that comparison.


We created an integrated marketing program that included identity development, package design, print, digital and broadcast television commercial, in-show product placement, a live NASCAR Truck Series product demo, a promotional microsite and dimensional direct mail campaign to editors/bloggers. The product is now the premium category leader and generates sales in excess of $5M per year – with no cannibalization of the existing lower price point offering.