New Product Platform Launch Collateral

We designed the collateral to launch a new product platform in a memorable way.


When Matco was ready to launch an expansive new product platform, it had to be clear that this launch was more important than the other products the brand was promoting. The new line of power tools, all of which shared important features, was a big investment for the company, but the collateral had to communicate that the brand was prepared to support distributors selling the line.


We developed a launch based around the theme of “special forces,” designed to challenge distributors to get these tools in the hands of their customers. Every material in our introduction kit was military themed to communicate the dealer’s “secret mission,” along with samples of the product and other personalized materials.



Every element of the launch was created with a consistent “classified” feel, including print collateral, a personalized letter, and the box and packaging of the products in order to set the launch apart as something particularly special.