New Product Launch with Photo Real CGI

We created CGI assets to conceptualize a brand new product.


Krylon was gearing up to introduce a new product to the market – the Touch Up pen – but with the launch, they’d be entering a new segment they’d never played in before. Krylon was well known for aerosols; retailers and consumers alike weren’t used to seeing them in the auto paints section. What Krylon needed were some high quality assets in order to design and sell a product with a much smaller footprint.


We wanted the smaller packages to fit Krylon’s existing brand, even though this product was something completely new. Our in-house CGI capabilities were posed to show Krylon what its pens and packages would look like for a head start on selling the product into retail.


We created the CGI assets in three steps: original concept, basic CGI renderings, and finally, photo real CGI that represented the textures of the materials in an incredibly realistic sense. Our CGI helped Krylon visualize and design their clamshell hanging packages and sell into its desired retailers with the concept.