Launching through Direct Response Integration

We established a program to displace competitors in a new segment.


Previous to the introduction of Tire Shine, Dupli-Color had always been confined to the paint aisle in retail stores. The challenge with the Tire Shine project, therefore, was to broach the tire dressing segment by making an impression in a totally different section of the retail environment, among established competitors.


In order for Dupli-Color to penetrate a new area of the retail environment, it needed to make a compelling case to retailers for why they should stock the product. We conceived the idea to use a direct response campaign in order to prove there was a demand for Tire Shine. By demonstrating that customers were willing to buy the product direct, we could sell more easily to retail.


To craft the direct response campaign, we started with a web initiative connected to a dedicated website. The website’s branding was consistent with Dupli-Color’s standards while also employing the industry tactics for direct response sales. We shot and edited a commercial spot for Tire Shine with Matt Steele from Truck U, which aired on Velocity and Spike TV. We created video and CGI content to highlight the benefits of Tire Shine that set it apart from the established competitors in the segment. Within the time we allotted for the direct response campaign, we were able to secure enough traction for Dupli-Color to successfully sell into the top auto retailers.