Introducing a Product at Trade Show Events

We created a trade show booth that presented a new product as its cornerstone.

The Big Idea

Dupli-Color® Products is a regular exhibitor at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and ATA has developed their booth space every year since 2002. In 2014, Dupli-Color was introducing their new ScratchFix All-in-One Pen which featured three (3) distinct sections in a single applicator – prep, color & clear coat.

ATA had already helped develop the packaging and had rendered a number of photo-real CG stills for the All-in-One to be used on sales collateral and the website. But for SEMA, we wanted to create something that would really set the product apart.

We created a self-standing module that housed three stacked flat screens which would be located just outside the main entry point to the booth. We then seamlessly integrated CG animation with video to create an engaging presentation of the three sections of the applicator. While the three animation/video integrations ran independently of one another on each flat screen, they were timed so they appeared to run together across the three flat screens. This presentation allowed for the All-in-One to become approximately 8 ft. tall and for booth visitors to easily see all the features of this unique applicator.

Here’s the video that we created — since the product consisted of 3 separate components/features, it played on 3 separate screens that were combined into a single display as can be seen on the next video on this page.

The 3-screen display can be seen in the upper left of this video.

Click here to learn more about the ’69 Harvester Scout Project which Nicole references in the video (we restored the entire vehicle in our Content Studio and created awesome content for the Dupli-Color brand.