Differentiating For a New Market Segment

We addressed the needs of a new market segment for differentiation and immediate penetration.


For years – even before Johnny Bench uttered the iconic “No Runs. No Drips. No Errors.” – the Krylon brand has been synonymous with aerosol paint, but for utility locators, spray painting a mark on a sidewalk or a lawn to indicate a gas line below ground carried much more weight and responsibility than simply painting a park bench.


We needed to leverage the strength of the Krylon brand but also disconnect it from its traditional placement as a “household” paint. The benefits of the new marking paint offering had to resonate with utility locators and their specific needs. “Don’t Miss a Beat” would become Krylon’s brand promise to utility locators, providing a critical tool they needed to do their jobs effectively and efficiently every day.


ATA launched an integrated program at an industry trade show and carried it through targeted print and digital ad campaign demonstrating how the new offering allowed locators to not miss a beat in their every day profession. The campaign drove users to a dedicated microsite – a unique experience away from the traditional Krylon brand website – which, in addition to providing more information┬ámore about the Krylon Industrial product offering, allowed end users to watch videos dispelling popular “myths” about what locators needed. This was proof that┬ádemonstrated how Krylon addressed their ACTUAL needs. Additionally, we developed an interactive calculator which demonstrated how the Krylon benefits could improve the locating company’s productivity and profitability. This concerted, integrated effort has driven the Krylon brand to a coveted status as the utility locator’s #1 choice in marking paint and long-term contracts with some of the largest locating firms in the U.S.
At the time we wrote this case study, the Don’t Miss a Beat Website was still active as was the Web App Savings Calculator.