Creating Consistent Content - Daily Driver

We chronicled a restoration process to empower beginners to use a product line.


When we began working with Dupli-Color® in 1999, one of our first projects was a complete brand refresh. It was then that the “Yes You Can” messaging began, which was later followed by its extension “Yes You Can – In Your Garage”. This messaging really empowered the Do-It-Yourselfers who were actually using Dupli-Color’s products and established a deep connection with the brand.

Since that time, one of the things we’ve continued to do with the brand is provide engaging content that further demonstrated what DIYers could do with Dupli-Color. Out new challenge was to come up with a source of engaging content that empowered DIYers to use Dupli-Color products to do what they love.


DIYers are hungry for how-to content that helps them complete projects efficiently and successfully, so we conceptualized a content series that followed the complete restoration of one vehicle. The series would be released episodically, building anticipation for the next step. For our fourth video series, we showed DIYers that they didn’t need to be experts in order to use Dupli-Color products to restore the cars they drive every day.


We had developed a custom set in our Content Studio in 2011 – The Dupli-Color Garage – with the thought that we could continue to develop content over time. We rolled a daily driver into the Dupli-Color Garage and, armed with every available product in the line, restored it to its former glory. We earned incredible engagement on social media by sharing helpful content on jobs like cleaning up headlights and other daily restoration projects.

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