Leveraging an Iconic Brand Across Multiple Channels

Leveraging an Iconic Brand Across Multiple Channels

Leveraging strong brand recognition in one segment can either help you or hurt you - it's all about how its positioned.


As an iconic global brand, most people know Sherwin-Williams for their household paints. What most people don't know is that they also make paints and coatings for the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries. So how do you turn strong brand recognition in one segment, into a strength in another?


The brand has a unique value-proposition in the professional automotive collision repair segment in that they not only manufacture the products they sell, but they also own their distribution through a national storefront model. Combined with the incredibly powerful brand recognition, particularly amongst professional painters, there was no need to re-invent the wheel. We built our campaign by connecting the equity of the popular "Ask Sherwin-Williams" call to action to the benefits the brand offered to professional collision shop owners - professional know-how, service and products all delivered by Sherwin-Williams.


We developed and executed a national campaign that fully integrated print, digital as well as tools to help streamline the selling process through their storefronts. The campaign has increased brand recognition in the professional automotive segment by 50% among the target audience since inception.


While our methods have changed over time, our approach has always been consistent - we deliver targeted and measurable integrated marketing programs that drive outpacing revenue growth. Now more than ever, the ability to drive measurable results is mission-critical for today’s marketing organizations. It not only facilitates post-program ROI analysis, but it also drives resource allocation (and re-allocation) decisions during programs to get the most from your marketing spend.

ATA will help you drive these measurable results. Our structured Accelerated Growth Process will help transform your marketing organization from a cost center to a revenue center by clearly demonstrating the revenue impact of your efforts. Our strategies and tactics are shaped by our staff experience which include a Fortune 100 Marketing Executive and experienced product management leaders who understand the challenges of today's marketing organizations and the strategies that can lead to outpacing growth. And our turnkey, full service creative and production capabilities provide the speed, agility and expertise to bring your marketing programs to life quickly and effectively.

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